Your Leader In Porous Metal Filters

Capstan is a leading supplier of porous metal filters worldwide. Capstan Filters are well known for high performance porous sintered metal filters, in stainless steel, bronze, or nickle alloys, for liquid or gas filtration.

We have been developing and manufacturing sintered metal since the 1950s. Today, we are one of the world’s market leaders for sintered metal filters, with production taking place in North America and sales around the world.

Liquid and Gas Filtration

There is a common need in various industrial and scientific processes for the separation/filtration of particulate matter from fluid and gas . Porous metal filters are ideal for applications involved in various industries including medical, food and beverage, aerospace, flame arrestors, welding, university level research, and many more. Metal filters are often more superior in comparison to other filters and can be produced at a relatively low cost.

Capstan’s porous metal filters can be used in a wide array of applications across all industries. Capstan has produced filters for medical devices, scuba gear, beverage filtration, and even on the Mars Curiosity Rover! Yes, we have filters in outer space! Capstan’s filters can be made to fit in whatever application your firm may be pursuing! Our filters are made from stainless steel, bronze, nickel, nickel-based alloys, monel, and copper-nickel. If your firm requires other material just inquire and we will be sure to accommodate! We can manufacture filters up to 750 mm in length and OD’s up to 250 mm.

  • Able to withstand extreme environments; high/low thermal levels, high pressure, impact/stress loading.
  • High thermal stability
  • Different levels of filtration determined by the pore size (filtration grades, see material resource section for list of material types and pore sizes)
  • Resistance in basic and acidic environments
  • Ability to reverse flush and other processes to clean filters
  • Very competitive pricing
  • Structural stability

The powder metal process by which Capstan produces filter entails sintering each part through a furnace. The process bonds the metal powder by bringing the product to just below its melting point, allowing fusion of the powder granules. Because the part is only heated to just below the melting point, it leaves porous holes in the part thus creating our metal filter. This process also makes the filter stable and hold the properties of metal (i.e. high thermal resistance, ability to withstand rapid thermal changes, high pressure resistance)