ISO 9001:2008


PM Supplier in Mexico

Leading Provider

of Powder Metal Solutions
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ISO 9001:2008


PM Supplier in Mexico

Leading Provider

of Powder Metal Solutions


About the company.

For 70 years, Capstan Inc. has been making sustainable progress in the powder metal industry and driving positive change on every continent. Capstan strives to deliver the highest quality products for an affordable price in a timely manner. Customers turn to Capstan to help them develop engineered solutions to their products and services. Capstan is one of the world’s leading powder metal manufacturers with a broad range of capabilities, technologies, material solutions, and decades of experience.

The company principally operates through its three manufacturing locations – Capstan California (Los Angeles), Capstan Atlantic (Boston), and Capstan Mexico (Guadalajara) – with each location specializing in different segments of the PM industry.

Our passion is in manufacturing, our expertise is in engineering. From startups to Fortune 500s, we provide the capabilities for mass production.

Board Members

Mark Paullin

CEO and Owner
Mark Paullin has been the CEO and owner of Capstan Incorporated for over 30 years and has been with the company for 45 years. With an MBA from University of Southern California and an Economics BS from BYU, Mark has been able to grow Capstan substantially and put us on the map as a leading global powder metal firm.

Bonnie Gonzales

Bonnie Gonzales first started working for Capstan 45 years ago. Bonnie studied accounting at California State Fullerton and received her BA. Her contribution and leadership have been crucial to Capstan’s success. 

Enrique Barba

General Manager, Capstan Mexico
Enrique started working with Capstan in 1995 after his completion of training at SinterStahl, one of the world’s most renowned sintering companies located in Germany. Enrique also has an electrical engineering degree from  Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and has been proven crucial to the success of Capstan Mexico as the General Manager.

Maria Elena Ruiz Silva

Controller, Capstan Mexico
With 15 year of experience, Maria Elena is a key member of the Capstan team. As the controller for Capstan Mexico, she has taken on many roles and helped Capstan Mexico grow to become what it is today, a leading powder metal firm in Mexico.

Brian Forde

Operations Manager, Capstan California
For 25 years Brian has helped in Capstan, Inc.’s expansion across the world. He started with Capstan in the Boston facilities before moving to Tennessee to head a new venture. He is currently running operations and supply chain at Capstan California for the structural side. Brian has his BA in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting.

Rich Slattery

VP of Engineering
Rich has been with Capstan, Inc. for 20 years at our Capstan Atlantic Location. His wealth of engineering knowledge has helped Capstan maintain a reputation for quality products.

Keoni Kawahara

Operations Manager, Filter Division
Keoni first started with Capstan in 2011 as the operations manager for the filter division after receiving his Masters in Chemical Engineering from University of California, Irvine. Keoni also completed his BS in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Material Science from UC Irvine. His wealth of knowledge has helped grow our filter division substantially.

Chapin Paullin

VP of Sales
Chapin started working at Capstan in 2012 as an acquisition consultant specifically overseeing Capstan’s acquisition of Rush Metals. He has since moved into sales, first working in Capstan Atlantic before moving to Capstan California in 2015. He has his BA in Economics and plans to pursue an MBA in the coming years while balancing his work load.