ISO 9001:2015


PM Supplier in Mexico

Leading Provider

of Powder Metal Components

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ISO 9001:2015


PM Supplier in Mexico

Leading Provider

of Powder Metal Components


Capstan History.

For 70 years, Capstan Inc. has been making sustainable progress in the powder metal industry and driving positive change on every continent. Capstan strives to deliver the highest quality products for an affordable price in a timely manner. Customers turn to Capstan to help them develop engineered solutions to their products and services. Capstan is one of the world’s leading powder metal manufacturers with a broad range of capabilities, technologies, material solutions, and decades of experience.

Capstan Today.

The company principally operates through its three manufacturing locations – Capstan California (Los Angeles), Capstan Atlantic (Boston), and Capstan Mexico (Guadalajara) – with each location specializing in different segments of the PM industry.

Our focused product lines, motivated associates, shared decision-making, and efficient regional production operations offer best cost solutions to your Powder Metal challenges.

Team Members

Mark Paullin

Capstan Incorporated – Chief Executive Officer
Son of Don Paullin – Founder, Mark has guided Capstan for 45 years overseeing the expansions of Capstan Atlantic, Capstan Mexico, Capstan Tennessee (since sold), and Capstan California. Mark has a MBA from University of Southern California and an Economics BS from BYU. Mark has been able to grow Capstan substantially while keeping the company privately owned as a leading global powder metal company.

Bonnie Gonzales

Capstan Incorporated – Chief Financial Officer
Bonnie joined Capstan 45 years ago working directly for Don Paullin, Capstan’s founder. Bonnie studied Accounting at California State Fullerton and received her BA while working at Capstan. Her contribution and leadership over many years have been crucial to Capstan’s success.

Chris Doughty

Capstan Atlantic – President
Chris has been the General Manager of Capstan Atlantic for over 30 years. Chris graduated from BYU Economics BS and earned his MBA from Harvard University. He has overseen the rapid growth and expansion of Capstan Atlantic under his tenure.

Enrique Barba

Capstan Mexico – General Manager
Enrique started working at Capstan Mexico in 1995 after his completion of training at SinterStahl. Enrique has been General Manager of Capstan Mexico for over 15 years and has been crucial to the success. Enrique has an electrical engineering degree from  Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Brian Forde

Capstan California – Operations Manager
Brian joined Capstan Atlantic 30 years ago in the original downtown Boston facilities before Capstan moved to Wrentham, MA. Brian moved from Capstan Atlantic to serve as Capstan Tennessee’s Controller for 12 years. In 2016, Brian joined Capstan California to become Operations Manager for our non-porous powder metal division. Brian has his BA in Business Administration and a Minor in Accounting.

Mike Smith

Capstan Atlantic – Vice President of Sales
Mike joined Capstan Atlantic during the expansion and founding of Capstan east coast operations overseeing year over year growth for 30 years. Mike Smith has guided Capstan Atlantic into the specialties of Powder Metal Gear Technology. See more at www.capstanatlantic.com today.

Christian Paullin

Capstan California – Vice President of Filter Technologies
Christian joined Capstan California in 2014 as Operations Manager. Christian graduated in Biology from Claremont McKenna College and took a leave of absence to earn his MBA from University of Southern California. In 2018, Christian rejoined Capstan California as President of Filter Technologies overseeing the growth and strategies of porous operations.

Chapin Paullin

Capstan California – Vice President of Sales
Chapin joined Capstan in 2012 overseeing acquisition of Rush Metals / Melling Sintered Metals in Billings, Oklahoma. Chapin joined Capstan Atlantic’s Sales and Marketing team in 2014 developing new programs and expanding the Capstan brand. Chapin was promoted to Capstan California’s Vice President of Sales in 2017. Chapin graduated in Economics  from Westminster College and plans to pursue an MBA in the coming years.

Rich Slattery

Capstan Atlantic – Vice President of Engineering
Rich Slattery has been with Capstan Atlantic for over 20 years. His wealth of engineering knowledge has helped Capstan maintain a reputation for quality products. He supports all Capstan divisions on technical questions regarding material selection.

David Morales

Capstan California – Project Engineer
David joined Capstan California in 2018 as Lead Setup Technician after more than 30 years experience at ASCO Sintering. In 2021, David was promoted to Project Engineer and Setup Trainer to oversee the new generation of talented professionals learn the setup trade. David has succeeded in developing award winning programs here at Capstan as well as at his previous positions.

Gerardo Ochoa V.

Capstan Mexico – Project Engineer
Gerardo joined Capstan Mexico over 20 years ago as Project Engineer. Gerardo has overseen the growth and expansion of Capstan Mexico’s facilities. In 2021, Gerardo oversaw the transition from endo gases to new disassociated ammonia and nitrogen furnaces. Gerardo has been a key player in the success of Capstan Mexico. Gerardo has a mechanical engineering degree from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico.

Mario Juarez

Capstan California – Filter Operations Manager
Mario has overseen the filter operations at Capstan California for 20 years. Mario has in-depth knowledge of each step of the process and has helped develop many different filter programs at Capstan California. Mario developed the filters NASA required for the Mars Curiosity Rover Project in the early 2000’s.