There are many different metal manufacturing processes out there to choose from. Why should your firm choose the Powder Metal process over forging, casting or other available processes? Below we discuss the PM process itself as well as the advantages and capabilities it has over other metal manufacturing options.

What is Powder Metallurgy?

The PM process is a highly-developed manufacturing process which produces ferrous and non ferrous products. The PM process uses most metallic and alloy materials and can create complex, near-net-shape parts. Whether your product is simple or a multi-step, tight-tolerance product, the PM process is capable of meeting your firm’s needs.

The PM process is a metal forming process which entails the heating of compacted metal powder to just below their melting point. Advantages of powder metal over other metal working processes include material utilization, shape complexity, and near-net-shape dimensional control, among others.

Why Choose The Powder Metallurgy Process?

Firms choose to use the PM process over other metal manufacturing for two main reasons. The first is when parts are difficult to manufacture by other metal processes. PM allows for production of parts containing tungsten, molybdenum, or tungsten carbide. PM also produces porous bearings and filters and can achieve soft or hard magnetics. These products are difficult and expensive to produce with other metalworking processes. The second reason firms choose PM over other manufacturing process is its cost-effective advantage. Casting, forging, and machining components are costly and use more material than PM to make the same part.

The PM process serves many industries with the automotive industry being the largest PM consumer. Other industries include, but are not limited to, industrial motors, medical applications, controls, hydraulics, household appliances, aerospace, and hand tools.

By using the PM process your firm can save money and receive the highest quality product in a timely manner. We ensure your product will meet your specifications and exceed your expectations!