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Capstan accepted a Grand Prize Award in the Automotive‚ÄĒEngine Category. The 2019 powder metallurgy design excellence awards competition is a very prestigious competition for powder metal. The award was given for a compact brush-less D.C. actuator gear designed to optimize engine performance. The gear also helped reduce nitrogen oxide emissions for on-and off-road commercial diesel-engine vehicles.

AGMA 7 Stainless Steel 316 Gear – Gen 3 – Cost savings met through weight, material, and processing advancements.

Designed in the USA, this stainless-steel precision gear required unique tooling for compaction. Light weighting the part meant the use of four individual kidney cores. We created nine different compacting tools to make this part. The tight tolerance on the inner diameter was brought into specification after sintering. We delivered a product that outperformed any gear tested.

All gear dimensions adhered to AGMA Level 7 qualities and used difficult powder: stainless-steel 316.

Capstan – Stainless Steel – First Glance:

The compact brushless actuator is designed to optimize engine performance and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions for on-and off-road commercial diesel vehicles. This gear is part of the latest advancements in electronic compact rotary actuators.

Rigoriously tested over 24 million cycles before being approved for production proves that Capstan delivers parts sustainable in their applications for many years.

Capstan continues to advanced gear technologies in all materials. Our Capstan Atlantic division continues to be at the forefront of all advancements in the powder metal gearing technologies. Please reach out if you have any inquiry regarding our gear technologies.

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